Sunday, November 27, 2005

Speaking of That Sinister 'Phase Two'...

Okay, the Starbucks thing was mostly a joke. Mostly.

This however, is quite freaky. The thing about our nation that I understood was better than say, Chile or Burma is civilian control over the military. We don't have a junta, our troops follow policies set forth by politicians, which makes us different than most countries on the face of the Earth.

Apparently, the military brass have been pushing to break down that wall between civilian life and military intelligence, aching to bring the FBI into their intelligence community. That means that the military could spy on American Citizens.

Not just funny-looking immigrants with weird, hard to spell last names, but American citizens.

They can spy on you if you're deemed a threat to national security.

Who makes that determination?

What happens if they think you're a threat and you're not?

What happens when they change the rules from case to case?

What the hell has happened to our country? This goes only to a very dark and strange place. But then, that's the Bush Administration for you, bringing the transparency and efficacy of the FBI, and combining with the forthrightness of the military.

Via Atrios and Demvet.

Update: It looks like 'they' have been keeping an eye on Jesus' General. Who knew?

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