Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy new beer!

We jetted out of town down to the outer banks of North Cackalacka for New Year's, which explains an absence of posts.

And the fact that no one reads this explains the utter lack of emails I got questioning when will I post again.

Yesterday was the travel day from hell, we got stuck at an airport (and a shitty regional one at that) for over 8 hours and I didn't hit my pillow until 1 a.m. I should have been back by five. Ugh.

One highlight of the day's events was when the flight attendant got bonked in the head by a seriously wasted passenger attempting to enter the lavatory. He started crying. The flight attendant, I mean. He called for the captain, I suppose to enforce some kind of discipline on the guy, but by that point we'd landed, so I'm not sure what he intended to do the drunkard in question. I later noticed that this same drunkard got to baggage before we did, so I suppose no harsh sentence was meted out.

If I were the flight attendant, I'd be crying over my gutted pension. Maybe he was crying over both, I dunno.

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