Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Christine happenings

I went to church (don't laugh, I know I can't come across as the religious type) on Sunday and had an interesting experience. The Boy Scouts were holding a table in the back of the church for a pancake dinner or some such, and one of their troop leaders asked me if I had any more Christine Cegelis buttons. I gave him mine, and told him if he were interested I had some yard signs in my car. He was excited to get one, and went on to tell me how hard he was pulling for Christine to win.

It's nice when things like this happen to you. I don't imagine they happen that often to Tammy Duckworth's folks. I could be wrong.

One of my fellow precinct activists went to the Duckworth rally which was held at the same time on Saturday as Christine's. I'd post a link to her website's coverage of the event if there were any mention of it there. She reported that even with two sitting senators as a draw that at the most there were ninety or so people there.

She was also told to quit distributing Christine's literature there. I love my fellow activists.

We had around 150 at our rally at the Machinists' hall in Des Plaines on Saturday. Not to compare or anything. And not that we had any prominent rock star politicians shouting or praises. We still managed to pull almost twice as many people in.


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