Sunday, March 12, 2006

For more on the issue, let's go to Michael In Chicago

Michael has the real scoop on the fundraising numbers for Tammy vs. Christine, and what it all means. The short of it is that Tammy did outraise our candidate, but that her 'burn rate' was exceedingly high. 61% to 96% higher.

What's a burn rate? It kinda means the amount of dough a candidate blows through to keep their operations up and running. A candidate with a low burn rate raises good money and spends very little of it. A candidate with a high burn rate is spending like a drunken sailor.

Much had been made of Christine's 'high' burn rate earlier (as a sign of a weak campaign) by some prominent Illinois political blogs, so this is why I'm pointing it out.

The most telling figure is this one:

Itemized Contributions from District:
1.5% Duckworth
64% Cegelis

Duckworth: $4,350 from 8 residents
Cegelis: $25,704 from 85 residents

That pretty much says it all.

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