Sunday, April 16, 2006

Carry on.

It's Easter (or as TBogg would have you believe Zombie Jesus Day) and I'm celebrating with Mrs. Drinallmyyears and Momma Inallmyyears. The DVD versions of both Sky High and Betwitched await us. I will be sneaking booze into my afternoon diet.

I'd also like you to notice the 'local yokels' section of my blogroll. I do this not because I think the bloggers in question are yokels (although being from North Carolina, carrying such a distinction is NOT an insult) but because it's good to throw up some blog goodness from deep within enemy territory, in this case DuPage Co.

Two good stories from their necks of the woods. The first has to do with Christine's endorsement of Duckworth and what the local activists like us have to say about it Ms. Tammy. The second has to do with an experience Tech Teacher had with the Roskam folks. One spare Roskam bumper sticker + one car obviously owned by liberals = sitcom hilarity.

Or at least one very angry liberal. Hey, I'd be pissed too.

And on my own, I'd like to point out that the Naperville bus drivers face outsourcing. One of my colleagues represents them, and is doing his damndest to see that their wages, pensions, benefits and livelihoods aren't stolen from them. He's a good guy, trying to do a tough job.

This editorial to the contrary, outsourcing this kind of public resource is a really bad idea. Private contractors in this sector can absolutely be fly-by-night operations, and once a school district has made a decision to sell off its bus fleet, they'll likely never have the resources to re-purchase one again. Then there's the fact that these kinds of employees are the most likely to live in the community, which further debases the argument that the school district values its connection to the community.

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