Sunday, June 04, 2006

Blog post #315

Hard to believe, yes, but it's true. I had an interesting discussion this morning with the rector of my church about WWJBAWASAW: The game. He had an interesting take on it, which was that people are attracted to those kinds of religious expressions because they seeks something easily mechanized, religion that rolls like clockwork and pistons in your motor. No room for actual people mind you, just automatons waiting to react to the latest proclamation.

I don't know, I hadn't thought about it that specific way. I still like my 'Lord-Porn' theory.

At any rate, FireDogLake has a very interesting take on the recent pops from the blogsophere on mainstream media 'analysis' of progressives and their issues. I'll quote generously, but go and read it all.

What the right seems to want is a pliant media will to spread "the good news" as they and the Administration see it. What we on the left want is not the same — what we simply want is for them to present the truth. Unvarnished, painful though it may be — just the facts, the truth, the heart of the matter. No more tabloid fluff. No one really cares about whether Britney Spears is driving in a convertible with her baby — but we do care about the world in which that baby and all our babies will grow up.

The American public must make decisions at every election which require them to be informed — fully informed. We rely on our press corps to dig out the facts, the truth, the things that the powerful are trying to keep hidden away. Some journalists do this very, very well — and we try to highlight that when we see a good example here on FDL. But for the folks who would rather hang back on the cocktail weenie circuit, let this serve as your notice: the American public is hungry for some truth. And if you don’t provide it — real, honest to God truth, they will pass you by in favor of something else. If the choice is Pravda or Edward R. Murrow, I’d pick Murrow every time.

That sounds about right.

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