Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Justice for Smithfield Slaughter Workers

I've posted about this issue specifically, and the larger issue generally, before. What would a vegetarian care about the welfare of people whose sole job is to slice and dice innocent animals (or disassemble, in the parlance of the industry)?

Quite simply, because what the company is doing is unconscionable. What it's been found guilty of is bad enough. Who knows what it's gotten away with. The bright light of public scrutiny should be focused like a laser on these people, where they live and breathe. They should not know a moment's peace until they quit treating their workers like their animals.

Human liberation is animal liberation, in this case.

So, if you have the time, dear national audience, go to one of these events. It will be worth your time, I swear. Hopefully you'll be changed. More importantly, hopefully the company will. If not, at least go here and read. Be amazed that this is not the 18th century that you're reading about.

Tuesday, June 20th
Rally in Chicago, IL
Rally in New York, NY
Learn More

Wednesday, June 21st
Rally in Boston, MA
Learn More

Thursday, June 22nd
Rally in Atlanta, GA
Rally in Washington DC
Rally in Raleigh, NC
Learn More

**More here. A small, black Wilmington paper does a better job investigating and writing about this issue than any other piece I've seen. The internets are wonderful.

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