Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thank you Feministing!

For pointing me in the direction of this:

The Abstinence Clearinghouse.

This raises all kinds of questions. What's in the abstinence clearinghouse? By definition, I'd think it would be empty. They claim to network people 'for abstinence', but if you know the way the flesh works, wouldn't you kind of want to avoid that? I mean, you get a bunch of abstinence people together, they start talking about the fleshiness of the world, debauchery, sin, oh sin, oh, they start getting worked up, pretty soon, you're looking for a new crop of abstinence activists.

But I digress.

They're holding a conference! Of course! How cute.

Two questions come to mind: do people at this conference get drunk at the bar and hook up like at most other conferences (ATTENTION DR. MRSINALLMYYEARS, I CLEARLY MEAN OTHER PEOPLE, NOT ME)? And does the kind of repressed 'networking' I described above play out on a mass scale, or merely in lots and lots of small groups? And if so, does it turn from an abstinence conference into a safe sex conference?

Inquiring minds wanna know.


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