Monday, June 12, 2006

Your Republican Party at work

When they're not pushing bans on gay marraige, amendments against political speech, or running insane deficits, the Republican Congress kicks back and unwinds by proving every conspiracy theorist on the Iraq War dead right:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Congressional Republicans killed a provision in an Iraq war funding bill that would have put the United States on record against the permanent basing of U.S. military facilities in that country, a lawmaker and congressional aides said on Friday.

Oh. That's interesting. Because I know I've heard somewhere that we don't want permanent bases in Iraq:

BAGHDAD, Mar 12 (AFP): US ambassador to Iraq Zalmay Khalilzad said Saturday that his country did not want permanent military bases in Iraq and that he was willing to talk to Iran about the war-torn country's future.
"We want Iraq to stand on its own feet, we have no goal of establishing permanent bases here," he said in an interview with Iraq's Ash-Sharqiya television, according to a transcript obtained by AFP.
"Our goal is a working, a workable government, so that we can leave Iraq and let Iraqis handle all their circumstance themselves. That's our goal, and were very serious about this, we mean it," he said.

Hmm, where else have I heard it? I just can't remember:
A year ago, President Bush boldly said: "Iraqis do not support an indefinite occupation and neither does America."
Well, that must be because permanent bases in Muslim country would never be perceived as indefinite occupation.

Well maybe this is the explanation:
And Pentagon spokesman Army Lt. Col. Barry Venable said, "We're building permanent bases in Iraq for Iraqis."
Oh! I'm so confusiated
. Blearrgh!

Officials use slippery formulations such as:

“at the moment, there are no plans for long-term bases”

“we do not intend to have any permanent bases”

“we want to bring our people home as soon as possible”

“no goal of establishing permanent bases in Iraq”

“it would be premature for me to predict”

“the policy on long term presence in Iraq hasn't been formulated”

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