Monday, July 17, 2006

How was your weekend?

Mine was good. Wonderful in fact. Well, I'm off today to unveil to a local union the new contract we've negotiated for them and explain the details of the changes.

I'm exceedlingly proud of this one, it includes a two-year ban on subcontracting, a new salary schedule with much higher starting salaries (by the end of the agreement teaching assistants can start at $23,000, as compared with an average of $15,000 for years of service in my other school district), and lots of other goodies. So I can't wait to show it to people.

This whole net neutrality thing is important. How do I know this? I'm really smart, that's how. Plus, Jello Biafra says so, rightly comparing it the 1996 Telecommunications Act which gutted meaningful TV regulation.

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