Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Where the silliness of intra-union squabbles eventually leads you.

Apparently the wobblies just weren't proletarian enough for this guy (who has a job at a food co-op, mind you) so he started his own union. Man, I can just hear the break-room banter now:
"Your union isn't sufficiently committed enough to the anarcho-syndicalist ideal!"

"Is too! Our 100-year history clearly reflects bottom-up organization focused on decentralized, worker-planned militant unionism!"

"Pass the organic hemp bar, man."

"Is is fair trade, or not? I"m not eating it if it's not."
And I say this as a fan of Wobblies, organic hemp bars, and food co-ops. But sometimes, these things reach a stage of ridiculousness where satire loses its meaning.

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