Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I leave you people alone for three days...

And you get busted driving drunk, cursing out the police, and indicting the jews for all of humanity's misery. Good lord, people.

The folks at the Huffington Post are about to crap themselves over this. I have to admit, I do find it somewhat amusing that Mel Gibson was so flagrantly speeding (only going 87 in a 45, ocifer) that he correctly reasoned that the jews were to blame for his misfortune--by which I mean the misfortune of correctly getting arrested for being a menace to society. Meanwhile, how drunk was he? The good people of the Poor Man Institute break it down for you:

blood alcohol level presumed source of all world’s problems
0.00-0.08 people who don’t listen to each other
0.09 that guy over there who keeps looking at you sideways like he’s got some kind of a fucking problem and wants his teeth kicked out
0.10 your so-called “friends” who act like they’re your friends to your face but really they aren’t really your real friends
0.11 the government
0.12 the Jews < ----- Mel was here
0.13 the Belgians
0.14 the English monarchy
0.15 the media
0.16 the Jew media
0.17 the Belgian government Jew media police
0.18 the International Society of Ham Radio Enthusiasts
0.19 the DMV
0.20 the KGB
0.21 the KLF
0.23 Emerson, Lake & Palmer
0.24 Emerson and Lake, but not Palmer. Palmer’s all right, man. Those other guys, they think it’s all about that fucking woo-woo stuff, and they think they’re so great, but it’s not about that bullshit, you know? Palmer, man, you’re all right. You’re all right. And you know what? I don’t care how gay it sounds: I fucking love you, man!
0.25 Emerson, Lake & The Jews
0.26 Geddy Lee*
0.27 + Canada

* This is actually true.

So there you have it. I myself am opposed to Palmer, and Lake, but not Emerson. I like all that transcendental stuff, man.

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