Saturday, August 26, 2006

What if we win?

Close personal friend Chris Bowers asks that all-important question: What do we do if the planets align, and not-insane people start having a hand in running the country:
Even though I am probably tempting fate by asking this, with chances that Democrats will actually win control of at least one branch of congress now very real, what should we do once we are actually governing? This is something I have spent virtually no time thinking about, but it is at least worth considering. My first reaction would be to pass a series of bills that Bush could not possibly veto, such as a real minimum wage hike and earmark reform. Then, I think we should move into passing popular legislation that Bush will probably veto, such as rolling back the tax cuts on the wealthiest Americans, fixing the hideous Medicare bills, and global warming initiatives. From that point on, it is time to investigate, investigate, investigate, especially when it comes to all things Iraq. Don't impeach or censure right away, but keep saying hat all options are on the table (thus drawing more attention to the investigations without it seeming like revenge for Clinton). Also, we need to make John McCain vote against a lot of things that are popular and progressive too.
I like that last part especially. People get weak-in-the-knees for some reason when it comes to Saint John, and I've never been able to figure out why. He's a conservative senator from the Sun Belt. He's not insane, but he's as capable as pandering to insane people as any other prominent republican. As for actual policy proscriptions, the only thing I'd add is that I'd push the ever-loving crap out of energy independence legislation. Fuel efficiency standards, different fuels, etc, all would be things I'd force the President to veto.

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