Sunday, September 24, 2006

Man, that's shrill

Sayeth the atrios:
We truly are ruled by cowards, both the pathetically incompetent creatures actually running the government and the guardians of our elite discourse who see punditry as their personal parlor game or a vehicle for social climbing. They failed when they thought blowjobs were more important than terrorists, and they failed when they thought that after 9/11 invading a country which had nothing to do with it would be a jolly good idea.
But, he's right. This week the National Intelligence Estimate came out and definitively said that the country is less safe because of Iraq specifically. That's just a suck suck suck sucky suck thing. This sort of thing is only important if you're trying to somehow connect facts to foreign policy.


I'm sure putting bamboo slivers under people's fingernails to get them to talk is what we need in this country to keep us safe from terra-ism.

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