Thursday, October 19, 2006

The best news I've heard all day

A coalition of Mexican unions and American unions is filing suit against the state of North Carolina for banning collective bargaining for state employees.

The best part is they're using NAFTA rules do so!

Eat that shit, North Carolina!


I forgot to mention that the United Electrical Radio and Machine Workers (or UE) is behind this suit. They asked for help from the Mexican Authentic Labor Front, who filed the suit in the first place. I have a special place in my heart for the UE. For one thing, they got kicked out of the AFL-CIO because their top officials refused to take loyalty oaths denying they were ever commies. Many of them were, and others just refused to take part in any union that had a political test for membership.

But it was their approach to organizing, outlined in the fantastic book "Radical Unionism in the Midwest", that really made me a fan of the UE. They specialized in taking on community issues like racism and poverty and using the momentum from those relationships to build workplace democracy. They were a leader in fighting racism among workers and showing how much power workers can build for themselves when they put aside their differences and get busy takin' on management.

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