Monday, October 02, 2006

If you read the fine print in this here REPUBLICAN PEDOPHILE COVER-UP WHOO-HA SCANDAL...

It's just fun to type that.

But seriously, reading the fine details of this, via Atrios, I came across the following tidbit about the alleged warning that Congressional pages received about Congressman Foley (R-Whackjob):
A Republican staff member warned congressional pages five years ago to watch out for Congressman Mark Foley, according to a former page.
Several Democratic pages tell ABC News they received no such warnings about Foley.
Now, there's several paragraphs separating those two sets of facts. But put them together, and they tell you quite a lot, don't they? Republican leaders valued the children of the Republicans that put them in office. Children of Democrats? Not so much.

A real editor processing that story might have engaged in just the exercise I engaged in and come out with a totally different angle to the story.

Apparently some children are totally fine to be 'left behind.' Just the kids of Democrats.

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