Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Mining: bad for your health under George Bush

Another miner died in a coal explosion last week, bringing the death count for the industry up to 42, almost double the number of industrial casualties last year. George Bush took the opportunity of this industry-wide crisis to appoint...a guy who used to lobby for the coal industry to the top safety position at the Mine Safety and Health Administration.

A guy who has spent his professional life as a coal executive furthering the interests of that industry. There was such fierce opposition to him becoming head of this agency that Bush was forced to make him a 'recess' appointment--which means that the Senate never approved him, and he's only in until they meet again. It's sneaky, and a slap in the face of miners and their supporters.

But they're not taking it lying down. They set up a welcome picket for the guy the first day he came on the job.

Welcome aboard, fucker.

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