Sunday, November 19, 2006

Our national discourse

Today on CNN, I watched Wolf Blitzer beat the hell out of Jim Clyburn over what Wolfie referred to as "Nancy Pelosi's blunder, her enormous blunder" of backing Jack Murtha over Steny Hoyer for House Speaker. Hoyer won, which some take to mean that Pelosi is stupid, and weak, and a woman! A woman!

Others, not so sure.

But what was priceless was the last half of the show, when Wolfie had on several neoconservatives--the guys who were the architects of the current mess in Iraq. Surprisingly (by which I mean it's no goddamn surprise at all) Wolfie did not lay into these gentleman for what we might call 'A blunder, an enormous blunder' which has led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands.

Not once did Wolf look at David Frum for instance, and go "Jesus, why should anyone give half a rat's ass about what you have to say? You completely blew this whole war thing."

He did not look at Ken Adelman and say "What kind of soap do you use to get all the blood of these innocents off your hands? Just curious."

No, he asked these people (who are dear readers, batting .000 when it comes to policy prescriptions for Iraq) what their advice was for policy makers now on Iraq.

Jesus wept. Our country is read by people who have the policy sophistication of Nelson Muntz.

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