Wednesday, December 13, 2006

the most insightful read on the 2008 Presidential Race I've so far read...and other unnecessarily long titles

The Editors lay it all down for you. Starting with:
Hillary is so so so annoying. Please please please do not nominate Hillary.
Yes. And what else should I know about this quadrennial clusterfuck that is American Democracy In Action (TM)? What say you on that young man, Barack Obama?
Further, Obama is a black Yankee who is way smarter than you, more charming than you, nicer than you, better looking than you, and could probably seduce your wife, you daughter, and your mom, in front of you, at Christmas dinner, in five minutes flat. Obama is approximately one pair of assless chaps away from being the Sum of All Cracker Fears, which means you can forget about winning the South at least.
Yikes! That's an image. I also think he has seduced my mom*, though it wasn't in front of me. What are your conclusions, Editors?
Edwards isn’t going to win. Goddammit, it’s Hillary, isn’t it? Goddammit.
Pretty much sums up how I feel on the subject.

*Just kidding, mom! But really, if it happens, put in a good word for me with the man.

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