Friday, December 29, 2006

Okay John Edwards, stop it.

I was at a hotel, en route from NC back to ill-annoys (IL--I'm not that funny), when I observed an interview on CNN betwixt a news anchor and the Golden Boy Himself. What struck me was the complete inanity about the interviewer who posited that since John Edwards has a big house in North Carolina, he's not really serious about talking about poverty, is he? I mean seriously, who ever heard of a rich white man, running for the Presidency? Seriously, folks, come on.

So of course, Edwards has made his announcement--he's in.

And I'm seriously thinking about sticking with him this time out. For one thing, he announces in the Lower Ninth Ward, New Orleans. Which says a lot about his intentions of at least talking about the ways that our government screws over poor people.

And whom does he pick to run his campaign? David Bonior. For those of you who've never heard of him, no Congressman (past or present) is more connected to labor and its issues than David Bonior. He is working people. Since he left office, he's been directing American Rights At Work, the union-backed organization dedicated to reforming labor laws and giving back people the right to organize.

And when asked directly about cutting the deficit, or spending on healthcare and education, Edwards doesn't duck, he says that given the choice, the only serious option for America is a serious investment in our healthcare and education. In other words, Edwards is rejecting corporate-Democrat style 'thinking' in favor of a commitment to the middle class and working people.

I'm heartened.

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