Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sorry for the laze.

I've been running all over for the past couple of weeks, and I hope that excuses my lack of writing. There are some things I would like to say now.

For one, Senate Republicans are assholes for not passing a straight up and down increase in the minimum wage. Probably none of these pricks have ever worked for the minimum wage, and few of them have ever probably lived paycheck to paycheck. A lot of Americans will be going without because they couldn't give a little, very little, something to working people without holding out for tax breaks for business.

Secondly, I may be in love with Jim Webb
. I think Dr. Mrsinallmyyears is too, so that makes it okay. For one thing he actually said the words 'corporate control' in reference to our economy. Be still my heart! The way he closed his response to the president's speech was exactly the measure of strength of opinion that people need to hear. Mr. President, if you work with us, we'll get along fine. If you choose not to, we will make the world see you for the fool you are.

This should make every American terrified for their lives. Apparently when the Bush administration asked Congress to approve the war in Iraq, they originally sent over a bill that would allow them to invade anywhere in the Middle East! I mean, they probably did it because the President could never tell any of the countries apart from each other. Iraq, Iran, Yemen, are you kidding me? Another question: why are we only hearing about this now? Because it's safe for powerless republicans to stand up to the President? Assholes.

And this is just not classy. If you promise your mistress $500K to keep her mouth shut about the time you tried to strangle her, give her the money. Be a man, man.

Joe Lieberman, this line about us giving aid and comfort to the enemy is so...2003. I mean, people have been calling bullshit on this war for years now. And before you accuse people of treason, you might want to check that polls don't show two-freaking-thirds of Americans agreeing with the treasonists. Asshole.

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