Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I. Have. Had. It.

After two bloggers for John Edwards' campaign for president were forced out for mildly criticizing Catholic church doctrine, I thought that the silly season was upon us. I mean, criticizing church doctrine--how shocking!

As usual, I was wrong.

Apparently the treason season is upon us. Frank Gaffney is the kind of dangerous asshole who gets audiences among the most powerful people in the nation. He's not two, near-anomymous bloggers who say rude things, drop the f-bomb, and are part of the great unwashed masses. He has power. And he thinks that the Senators and members of Congress who are now challenging President Chuzzlenuts' completely screwed-up war should be hung. For treason. He's not being coy. He's saying they should be killed for articulating the position of the majority of Americans--namely that we should be bringing our troops home sooner rather than later.

So if that's how you feel, you should be hung too.

This morning I was thinking how I didn't know what was more upsetting--the fact that we're apparently gearing up for our third war in five years, or whether no one seems to give a shit.

I have seriously reflected upon whether or not my position on the war is the right one. I've prayed on it. I've read on it. And still, I'm not altogether sure--I mean, things could get worse if the troops come out of Iraq, right? How can I know these things? I have to take some kind of comfort in the fact that (finally) I'm not alone in my feelings.

How a man like Gaffney can act with such utter conviction--to the point where he wants people who disagree with him killed--is what makes him a truly dangerous man. Would that he were alone in the world, without access to the kinds of people who control bomb payloads and troop deployments. Would that he were merely content to write spy novels or something.

Instead, we're saddled with his bloviating. I'm an enemy. You're an enemy. Everyone's to blame except for the pricks like Gaffney who led (some of) us down this primrose path. The answer clearly isn't that war without end is the problem. The problem is that some of the dirty citizenry have woken up to the fact that these people are deeply disturbed and have pushed their elected representatives to act on this knowledge. That's the problem.

I need a drink, and it's not even noon.

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