Friday, February 02, 2007

Some days...

It just doesn't feel worth it. First off, here's a story about how after reaching record profits ($1 billion) last year, Harley Davidson is locking out its employees who threatened to strike after the company pushed for slashing wages and benefits for new hires. And their shares went up by 49 cents yesterday, I guess for showing the workers a little tough love.

Harley, fuck you. Davidson, fuck you too.

Sorry, I'm just in a rude mood right now.

And here's a front-page story off of dailykos, which lays out the truly Dickensian state of our economy. More and more people are spendinig more than they make, and we're pushing Great Depression-era inability of people to catch themselves if they fall with new employment or income. But hey, Exxonmobil just posted record profits again! And while the Preznit is scolding Wall Street for excessive CEO pay, it's not like they actually want to do anything about it. Heavens, no. That would just be uncivil.

And here's an article about how black is white, up is down, and Right To Work Laws really protect union members, from um, well, move along.

And by the way, before we invade Iran, can we please check to make sure that the militias we're fighting in Iraq weren't trained by you know, us? Please? And if we are guilty of training the groups we're now fighting, does that mean we get to invade the White House and Congress?

Just wondering.

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