Thursday, July 05, 2007

George Bush's history on fighting 'excessive punishments' for convicted felons

Let's just say it's less than stellar:
Serving twelve years for a rape that DNA testing shows you didn't commit does not get you a pardon. Being represented by a lawyer who slept through large chunks of the trial does not get you a pardon. Being convicted of murder in proceedings that a court-appointed special master describes as ""a breakdown of the adversarial process" caused by the incompetence of your lawyer does not get you a pardon, even when someone else confesses on tape to the murder you were convicted of. Likewise, when someone else confesses to the murder you were convicted of and you ask for a stay of execution in order to conduct tests that will establish your innocence, no dice. And when you are unquestionably incompetent to assist in your own defense but no one seems to take that fact into account, or tells the jury, that's just too bad.
Awesome! And let's not forget how that paragon of humility and forgiveness, George W. Bush, mocked a woman he was about to put to death, Karla Faye Tucker:
Tucker Carlson of Talk magazine described the smirk Bush wore as he mimicked convicted murderer turned Christian Karla Faye Tucker begging, "Please don't kill me," something she never actually did.
How very Christian of you, sir! But the coup' de gracie (as my Mom would say) is that there is someone serving 33 months in jail, right now, for the very same crime that Bush's pal Scooter Libby is guilty of. He's only served his country in two wars, though, not by taking a dive for Team Caesar Augustus. Pity, that.

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