Thursday, August 09, 2007

I had a weekend like this one time.

This is probably the best song off the new album by Against me! I was soooo dreading this album, having read some of the reviews, which savaged it. But you know, it's not too bad. Not every song hits it out of the park, but there's enough on there to remind me why I originally liked this band. It's far less depressing than their last one, which I still can't listen to all the way through. So enjoy.


Mark McCraw said...

I think this is a good solid album (with the exception of "White People for Peace" which is so canned I can't even listen to it all the way through) and I've enjoyed it thoroughly, but I'll say this: With the exception of "Don't Lose Touch", which is maybe my favorite music video ever, Against Me!'s music videos are just embarrasingly bad. They make me uncomfortable to watch, and not because they're challenging me. Maybe they have obligations to make them what with all the label hopping.

whiskey said...

I don't disagree. This one could have been great, considering the song content. This is the only song with that Against me! swagger that rocks so well.