Saturday, August 11, 2007

Prominent Right-wingers want 3,000 more Americans to die

At least, if that's being honest, that's what we'd say. Why do they want 3,000 more Americans to die in a terrorist attack? So we can get really serious about the war on Terrorism (or whatever it is we're calling it this week). I saw that some obscure columnist had written an article basically saying that the only way we're going to get back to that hallowed 'post 9/11 patriotic unity' is to, you know, have another major terrorist attack on the US.

That's what passes for serious thought. 'But self,' I told myself, 'Self, don't worry, no one would take such a ridiculous argument seriously. I just hope he's not some liberal, or we'll all get tarred with that brush.'

Au contraire, mon frer. Said columnist found a most welcome home on Fox News. See for yourself:

Well, thank God he didn't say something outlandish, like you know, our sitting President is a war criminal whose impeachment would reestablish the rule of law in our troubled land. That would be beyond the pale.

Update: Atrios does that whole "I'll say it better than you can" thing.
So if a massive terrorist attack happened, it wouldn't be a vindication of what they've been doing, it would be proof that they failed to do what George Bush claims is his most important job.

All of these calls for "unity" and prayers that thousands of people die so that people "wake up" have nothing to do with anyone preventing the Bush administration from doing what they want. They're simply expressing a deep anger that the dirty fucking hippies don't agree with everything they say. Ultimately, they're angry that their pet war isn't going well and angry that the dirty fucking hippies don't rely on quite as many adult undergarments as they do.

But if some sort of terrorist attack happens, it's their people who will have failed to stop it. Despite our best efforts, we haven't managed to impact Bush administration policy on this stuff at all.

Pretty much.

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