Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bad Faith Bargaining

Here was something I hadn't been paying much attention to. Apparently the House and Senate negotiations over some atrocity or another had concluded, and after they were done contorting whatever provisions had been brought to the Conference Committee (these are the assholes who get together to negotiate the differences between House and Senate versions of bills) the House just went and inserted a bunch of extra shit.

If I pulled this at the bargaining table, I'd have unfair labor practice charges filed against me by the district and I'd be fired by my employer.

And they'd be right to do so.

Kevin Drum calls it the Potemkin legislature, but I'd just call it more undisguised criminality. The veneer is gone and the bloom is off the rose. It is what is.

In other news, the Senate is about pull some other snaky shit, inserting an ANWAR provision into the defense spending bill.

Now, they wouldn't be doing that just to prepare their ads for the next election cycle when they can say Democrats care more about the spotted owl than our troops would they?

Would they?

No, I'm sure that's beneath them. Ahem.

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