Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Cegelis v. Duckworth

I hadn't seen this Dick Simpson editorial from a few weeks ago. Essentially, it lays out the case why the national Democrats should jump in on Christine's side. I'd be thrilled to death if they did, but I would absolutely settle from them staying out altogether.

Meanwhile, Archpundit is excoriating Cegelis supporters for implying that Duckworth is a tool of Rahm Emannuel's, to which I can only respond that if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, the chances are good that it's not a cat.

A little birdie told me that a call was received by a Cegelis supporter from a Virginia location. The caller on the other end wanted to know if the individual in question could spell Cegelis' name, if she knew she was running for congress, etc. The implication was pretty clear, even to a novice like me. Someone found this individual's name connected to the Cegelis campaign, and is polling Cegelis supporters to feel for the depth of their support. Someone like a campaign adviser based in Virginia.

I for one do not appreciate efforts by the DCCC to undermine an effective grassroots network in favor of top-down political machinations. Let's call it what it is.

This has precious little to do with Tammy Duckworth and everything to do with the DCCC. My wife, who is not a nerd like I am on this stuff nailed it.

"Why would they blow a ton of money in a primary race when they could save the money for the general election?"

Indeed. I can only assume it's because something about Christine vexes the shit out of the national Democrats. The word is that Dick Durbin is in on the game too, that it's not just Rahm and his 'folks' from Chicago. I can't imagine that the senior Democratic Senator from Illinois didn't know anything about this before it went down, and he never came out in favor of Christine this go-round.

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