Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A bad time to be a miner

It's horrible what's happened to the miners whose cave collapsed on them. Condolences are clearly not sufficient for their families, but it's the only equipment I have to deal with a tragedy like this.

People shouldn't be exposed to regular danger as a part of their livelihoods, but that's the world we live in.

I think something has been missing in the media coverage of all that's gone down--the perspective of the United Mine Workers of America. Wouldn't you think that the official voice of actual miners would have something relevant to say on the matter?

Greg Saunders over at TMW has an appropos point on the way the print media use the same photos to make two different statements--one about relief and the other about overwhelming loss. He's also right about the atrocious headline the Boston Herald tagged on to their coverage ("Miner Miracle--God Answers America's Prayers!).

The editor should be fired alone for that goddamnawful pun. When people die is not, as a rule, the most appropriate time to showcase your sense of humor.

Just sayin'.

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