Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Tonight I met Tammy Duckworth

Tonight I had my monthly meeting with the other Democrats in York Township, and for the first time since I've been attending, Christine's challenger Tammy Duckworth was on the scene.

She came across as very credible, a good candidate, but she really had a hard time answering the questions about her status as a resident in the 8th congressional district (the hated Melissa Bean's district). Her answer as to why she's running in the 6th is essentially that she can beat Pete Roskam, and she has friends here. Part of her hometown (Hoffman Estates) is in the 6th, part is not.

I asked her two questions that she handled pretty well. My first was whether she'd vote for CAFTA, she said no. My second was whether she'd support the bankruptcy bill that passed last year (and that punishes peopl for filing for bankruptcy for medical bills). I made sure to mention that 'her' representative voted for both of those pieces of heinous legislation, the former at the urging of Rahm Emanuel.

Afterwards, Christine got up and did a very good job presenting herself, saying that she knew most of the people in the room (ahem, Ms. Duckworth), that she forgot to introduce her campaign manager because she'd been running all around the district to so many events, etc. etc.

I wish that Tammy had run against Melissa Bean in the Democratic primary. She seems like a fine lady, certainly one with a compelling personal story. I'd probably have given her money. She's a fine candidate, but she isn't the issue. The way that the DCCC handled this is.

Friday I'm going here.

Since I didn't get my paperwork in on time to be a voted in candidate for precinct committeeman, I have to do so by write-in instead, so I'm getting that shit together. The contract I was wrapping up really took up a lot of my time in early December. Ahem.

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