Monday, February 27, 2006

This week.

Tonight is my first round of bargaining this season, which should be fun. And by fun, I mean no fun at all. Tuesday night I drive down to Carbondale to help out in an organizing campaign, and by Friday I'm back.

We had basset hound health concerns last night. It seems they'll eat anything that doesn't eat them first.

Here's to hoping Petunia has a better day than yesterday. She's at least in good hands. Dr. Mrsinallmyyears is a practitioner of veterinary scientific medicine.

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Burt & Pam said...

I hope Petunia is doing alright. We are owned by a 1&1/2 year old red & white basset hound named Ethan James. He keeps us on our toes! You are right, Bassets eat everything in site!