Thursday, April 27, 2006

File Under "No Shit, Sherlock."

I like White House Briefing. Dan Froomin generally provides really good insight into inside-the-beltway-games, and his insight is usually that they're full of crap (as opposed to he-said/he said journalism, which is really just stenography).

But this paragraph about Fox News Head-turned-White House News Head Tony Snow had me in stitches. After going on and on about what a breath of fresh air Snow will be, he reacquaints himself with reality. To wit:

"There has been a natural and growing antipathy in the press corps toward this White House -- not because of its politics, but because of its unprecedented nontransparency. After McClellan, who endlessly repeated talking points, gave no ground, offered no insight, provided no access, Snow is in for an inevitable honeymoon.

But it's still entirely possibly that, in the long run, Snow will simply represent a more charming, energetic, engaged and plugged-in way of continuing to tell the press nothing."

Gee, Dan you think? I'm sure George Bush woke up last week and said, "Despite my unrivaled penchant for secrecy and legislative autonomy, by gum, today's the day where the American people really find out what's going on in this White House."

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