Friday, April 28, 2006

An Open Letter To God

Dear Lord,

I understand that this is a year where you've proven your inherent justness when it comes to wrongdoers. You know, the people who abuse their station to the detriment of us all.

For that, and for lots of other reasons, Lord, I am grateful.

But you're on roll, see. And here's another chance to demonstrate to all of the world that you don't let a single deed go by unpunished.

Hey, you're God, and it is certainly not my business to tell you what to do, but I will say that meting out justice against the most flagrant of those who throw their invincibility in our faces on a daily basis might result in an uptick in terms of church attendance.

Not that this would be a quid pro quo. That would be wrong. So wrong. All I'm saying is that a little public demonstration of some righteous divine intervention in the case of one Mr. Karl Rove would bring many a well-intentioned liberal back to the flock.

Lord, they're good people, they've just given up all hope.



p.s., and Lord, after my vacation in the Carribbean (and while I'm at it, Ireland two years ago) I have to say, nice work!

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