Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My Sushi and My $$$ go the Unification Church (and therefor, to the Bush Family)

The Chicago Tribune has a good investigative report up about how one of the premier suppliers of raw fish for Sushi is:

a.) either a front group for the Unification Church itself


b.) Not another front group for the Church, but merely part of its empire.

Hey! And click here to learn more about the politicians living large off its coffers, including the Bush family and Chicago's own Danny Davis: Democrat!

Dig this choice quote about True World Food:
But not all of True World's employees are church members. Tuna buyer Eddie Lin recently left True World for Fortune Fish Co., a local rival. Lin said his former workplace was not overtly religious, but he added that as a non-church member he felt his ability to advance was limited. "You can feel the difference between the way they see members and non-members," Lin said.
Sounds like another faith-based iniative to me!

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