Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wow, now I'm depressed.

Billmon has a sobering look at what might happen if we decide to get all medieval on Iran.

I think he's probably right. Prescient even. I predict the following percentages for American reaction to just such a first-nuclear strike on a minor regional power:

15%--Giddy beyond belief. Hey man, the end times are near! Pull up a lawn chair and Foreman Griller! Throw on an extra burger fo' da Lord!

30% --Mildly relieved to see something happen over there. I mean, Those Iranians Sure Are Pricks, Aren't They?

35%-- Mildly concerned about nuclear conflagration in the Middle East. Angry at the 15% below for being too shrill and anti-American in their outrage at the war that's unfolding.

15%--Can we please please impeach these people already? Is it rude at this point to say I told ya so?

5%--Undecided. What is Iran anyway? Is that that, uh, Flock of Seagull's hit from the 80's? I love that song, man.

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