Sunday, May 28, 2006

What is it with this guy?

I guess Rahm Emmanuel gets his rocks off by handpicking his own candidates over those preferred by local democratic activists. It's not just Christine, either.

Halfway around the country in sunny California, Jerry McNerney has put up a fight against the loathsome Richard Pombo. According to his Wikipedia entry, he ran last time against Pombo and did better than any democrat has. So naturally, the DCCC has its own favorite son for the race, Steve Filson.

Nothing against Mr. Filson, as I never met the guy. But McNerney's 2004 story rings damn familiar compared to Christine's, and it doesn't look good when the DCCC chair is going against the wishes of the locally (in McNerney's case--enrdorsed) supported candidates. Instead of proving they can't win because you've arrayed your institutional support against them, why not support them because they were willing to go it alone when no one was paying attention? Talk about rewarding your sacrificial lambs with a nice stab in the back.

Mr. Emanuel, not only do I not like your politics, you also seem to have a tin ear when it comes to encouraging people to get involved in politics. And for that, I award you a golden turd:

Okay, so it's not golden, but then neither is Mr. Emanuel. But it is turdly, and so is he.

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Anonymous said...

Great post. I couldn't agree more. All we can do is keep on fighting.