Friday, June 02, 2006

Man, it pains me to move Gunther's picture off the top of the page. But I must.

Global warming discussions got ya down? Do you the feel emissions for major polluters getting ready to be curbed? Do you too, feel like Al Gore's movie will be the new Silent Spring? Well, cheer up. Host a Global Warming Beach Party.

But what if someone who knows things, shows up to make you look foolish. Why, that's ok. According to the National College Republican Party, you can just invite Dr. Jay Lehr, from the Heartland Institute. He's available to speak.

Dr. Lehr is sporting what we in the Chicago area refer to as 'a classic midwestern winter tan.' He's obviously benefitted from our legendary mild and sunny months. He's probably looking forward to more sunshine and warmth to help maintain his obviously natural and youthful appearance.

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