Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July, hope you don't mind being accosted.

Today I went gathering petitions for DAWN to get a non-binding resolution on the November ballot which would ask voters whether they support withdrawing troops from Iraq.

It went well. I got nearly 20 signatures in an hour.

But that's not the remarkable thing. The remarkable thing is that a total stranger ripped my clipboard from my hands and threw it first in some bushes, where he retrieved it. He then threw it in a busy street, which I had to retrieve. He screamed at me for a good while, and then his son did. His wife looked on, encouraging him. I asked him why he was acting this way, since I hadn't done anything to him. He huffed and puffed and stormed off on his way.

This all occurred after the village trustees told us we couldn't be at the festival we were at, because we didn't have the proper permits. They didn't oppose what we were doing doncha know. I know, I have heard that one before. A member of the Jaycees told one of my comrades that the Taste of Lombard is a family affair and in no way a political event. So, the 4th of July is not a political event. Got it. This same woman was forcibly removed from the Taste of Lombard (which is held in a public park) over the weekend, and her lawyer had to straighten it out with the Deputy Chief of Police. The Trustees were outraged that the Deputy Chief of Police actually decided to respect the laws of the land.

It wasn't all bad news. A woman and her husband signed, even after admitting their ambivalent feelings about the war. They have sons in the Air Force and the Navy. I understand ow they feel, my whole family is military. I'm the first male in my family to not serve. We had a good talk. Lots of others signed too. So it's not all bad news. But that incident reminded me I am definitely not dealing entirely with people who view issues of national importance rationally.

So, that was my afternoon. Happy 4th of July. I really felt like I should have been spending the day in a way that wasn't totally self-absorbed or involving alcohol. And look where it got me. On the other hand, fuck those people. I'm going to the Taste of Westmont in two weeks to gather more signatures there, so it's not like I'm giving up.

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Anonymous said...

Right on, man. Absolutely fuck those people. I am proud of you. And hey, you got a great story out of it. AND it's nice to occasionally be reminded who the people are who are in favor of the war. It's amazing to see people act that way, but hey, you can't beat 'em unless you know 'em.