Saturday, September 30, 2006

A real bad week

If your name is Denny Hastert, and you tried to put a lid on the Congressional Page Harassment Scandal of 2006.

Or if your name is John Boehner and you assisted in the cover-up. And you then call the Washington Post to try and change what you actually said to their reporters.

Or if your name is John Shimkus, and you interviewed the alleged harasser but didn't inform anyone else on the committee (including the Democrat on that committee) that oversees Congressional Pages. Cause, you know, you took care of it yourself and all.

See, this isn't about one creep in Congress who likes little boys, it's also about how a ton of very powerful people helped cover his ass. Many of these people appear to be from Illinois, strangely. All of them belong to a party that rhymes with "Repugnican."

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