Thursday, December 21, 2006

how would you like some good news?

Me too. Let's start with this; the courts have actually helped out struggling unionized works at Delphi. The company and the union have been at loggerheads ever since Delphi entered into bankruptcy negotiations. So the deadline is purportedly going to put some kind of pressure on the company to come to terms with its bargaining employees. But what's weird is that the exact same story in the New York Times is being spun such that the buyout offer with the deadline is working against the union. I admit it, I'm totally baffled.

So maybe that wasn't good news after all.

Well how about this? It's totally good news--if your name is Lloyd Blankenfein. He just got a $55 million dollar bonus from Goldman Sachs, which posted some kind of stupid quarterly profit growth. After of course, Goldman Sachs extorted over a billion dollars in tax breaks from NYC, using 9/11 as a billy club to truncheon the tax payers. Stay classy, Goldman Sachs!

Now, about that exploding demand for food at food pantries and homeless centers...I'm sure there's totally no correlation there at all. Nope. Totally unrelated topics.

Now, about that cake...

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