Thursday, December 21, 2006

Keith Ellison, a much bigger man than he has to be.

You might have heard about the comments of one Virgil Goode (R-East Bumblefuck, VA), who proclaims that if Keith Ellison is allowed to swear in on the Q'uran, then, well, soon, we'll have muslims breaking down the doors to get in!

No. Seriously. He did it in writing, in a letter to his constituents, no less.

Well, Mr. Ellison has taken the high road in dealing with this piece of poo-poo:
“I’m looking forward to making friends with Representative Goode, or at least getting to know him. I want to let him know that there’s nothing to fear. The fact that there are many different faiths, many different colors and many different cultures in America is a great strength.”
Whatta guy. Look, we're going out of town for several days over the holidays. If I post anything, it will be infrequently.


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