Thursday, January 11, 2007

I beenz lazy.

Dr. Mrs Inallmyyears pointed out last night that I've remiss in my blogging duties. Which is true, and it's not like there's been a lack of things to talk about. As the title says, I just beenz lazy.

So I read this crazy article today in the New York Times where they apparently raised the minimum wage, and the sky didn't fall! Not only that, but they keep raising it--every year, in fact--and the world hasn't stopped turning on its axis!

In fact, the state, which we'll call "Goshington State" is on the border with another state, which we'll call "Guydaho". "Guydaho" has the federal minimum wage, a paltry $5.15 an hour, while "Goshington State" has a minimum of $7.93 (adjusted for inflation every year, you nerds!). And wouldn't ya know it, "Goshington State" is experiencing lots of job growth, and instead of businesses fleeing to cross the border into "Guydaho", the opposite is happening--people are flocking to "Goshington State" and its business is booming. Its business groups aren't even upset about the minimum--they like it.

It's a weird world. And in other weird news, lots of Wal-Mart workers don't use the company's generous health insurance plan. And I know it's generous because I saw a Wal-Mart ad the other day telling me how generous it is! Why they said it's just like getting a pay-raise when Wal-Mart comes to town! I shit you not. And I don't know what these people would be all upset about--why Wal-Mart has taken away the retail worker doldrums!

How'd they do that, you might well be asking? Well, by taking away regular shifts for workers! Now workers have the joy of expectantly waiting for their boss to call them in on a moment's notice, whenever there's a throng of customers! And when business slacks off, instead of waiting around for the end of your shift, you just get to go home early! All the time! With a corresponding reduction in your regular pay! Isn't that exiciting?

Can you stand the awesomeness?

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