Friday, November 25, 2005

Tom Delay sleeps with the fishes.

This is a scandal that is complex, so I'll try to break it down in tasty bite-sized morsels. Via Josh Marshall, we learn that some guy named "Big Tony" Moscatiello (and how could you make this up?) has implicated a guy named Adam Kidan in the murder of a casino magnate.

Who the hell is Adam Kidan? He's the long-time business partner of a guy named Jack Abramoff. They were both indicted this summer for fraud in the purchase of the casino of the dead guy.

Who the hell is Jack Abramoff? He's literally the gravy train of corporate bribe money for the Republican controlled House of Reprehensibles. He's also under investigation for bribery, being a fuck, etc.

He's also Tom Delay's right-hand guy in the lobbying world.

So, to run this back again: Business partner of the right hand guy of the right hand guy of the guy who controls congress is implicated in the gangland slaying of a casino founder. It's like you're watching Casino or something, except these people run the country.

I wonder if Pesci will play the part of Fat Tony, or if they'll spring high and go for Tony Soprano.

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